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Do you want a life in which you have an ongoing feeling of full engagement, joy and confidence? Do you want to live as your BEST SELF? Have meaningful relationships at work and at home? That is what this Certified High Performance Coaching TM (CHPC) program is all about. ANYONE …. can become a high performer, when you put the work in. High performance means “succeeding beyond standard norms, consistent over the long term, while maintaining positive well-being and relationships".  It’s not an athletic coaching program or solely geared to career progression. Regardless of what you do, or how high on the corporate ladder you are, anyone will see progress in their lives when applying the different strategies and tools in their lives combined with the new insights gained about yourself and how you want to show up in life. Are YOU ready to jump out the box you are in today, and live a life with heightened and sustained levels of fulfillment and better relationships?

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Certified High Performance Coaching (CHPC)

What it is and what it isn't ...

CHPC is not:

  • A therapy session. As your coach I am not your friend or therapist.
  • A conversation with generic questions about your goals and next steps.
  • NOT being challenged.
  • Leaving the session with low energy and lack inspiration.

What CPCH is:

  • A scientifically proven curriculum with a high client satisfaction rate.
  • Having coach who truly cares about your progression in life and is here for you to focus on your future.
  • Learning different strategies and tools.
  • Leaving each session with energy.

What you can get is:

  • Clarity on what's important to you.
  • Heightened focus and confidence.
  • More mental, emotional and physical energy.
  • Increased productivity and effectiveness.
  • Better relationships and influence.

About Annelies

After training people on the job since she was 19 years old, over the years she gave departmental trainings, mentored interns and, at times, directed them to a more fulfilling career. She influenced colleagues to create better work results, mentored colleagues and in creating clarity on their personal development program and work projects. In 2017 she finally made the leap to become a Certified High Performance Coach TM. Annelies is excited to utilize this coaching framework to support her clients in making huge jumps into becoming their best self, and to create the future they want to have in both their professional and personal lives. She enjoys living live to the fullest, learn new things, explore new places, spend time with her dog, friends and family, sail and exercise, and help people creating extraordinary lives. Will you be one of them?


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